Nonon Zone Story

Chelsey and Jim

It was a late November day in Chicago. The sun was shining, and the sky was just blue besides some little sheep clouds. It’s the year 2350 and Jim and Chelsey were searching the city center for a criminal named Dr. Dreem. Jim and Chelsey were working for the Chicago police as freely operating headhunters, and their mood was splendid. They thought today is the day when they catch the ominous Dr. Dreem.

Chelsey was a handsome but very tough girl, growing up in Brazil in a poor environment. She was a tall girl, with very long purple hair. Her body was well-trained and extremely sportive. Besides her elegant and sportive look, her whole left arm up to her shoulder was replaced by a robot arm. 10 years ago, she lost her arm, when a portal closed too early and her arm was still inside the portal, grabbing the criminal which escaped into the portal. In her early childhood, she lost both her parents in a gang shooting, where her parents accidentally got deadly insured. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her Uncle took her up and trained her in martial arts, gun, and melee weapon handling. She got so good that her uncle was pairing up with the police, and soon she was used in different undercover missions. Eventually, she was famous and different organisations, including the police, hired her for all sorts of difficult head-hunting and investigating missions which nobody else was capable of.

At the same year when Chelsey turned 21, Chicago was hit by a very strange event. From one day to the other, a whole district of Chicago was lacking one important thing: the people. Nobody from outside the district knew how or when exactly this happened, but they stated that it was like one moment you were looking at someone and just the moment you looked away, the person was gone. All the people, who were witnessing, were telling the same story. Some witnesses said that there was some strange glow, like the one portals emit. The case was famous all over the world and numerous specialists were investigating in the past, but it seemed the case was unsolvable. The Chicago police department didn‘t know what to do, and they were hiring Jim as a last resort. Jim was a 29 years old police detective, and he was always leading the cases where strange things happened and everybody else was either not capable of or could not believe these things. His face was showing how dangerous the job was because a big scar runs all over his cheek. It was from a killer that used multi phasing drones to kill people out of nowhere. As Jim was chasing down the killer, the drone appeared right into his face where the rotor blades cut deep into his face. Jim kept the scar to remember the importance of thinking everything through. His body was very well-trained, and he looked very sportive. He had black, semi long hair, a small beard around his chin and a thin moustache. His features were asiatic because he was born and raised in Japan until he joined the police department. As a child, he always wanted to join the police and had soon graduated from the police school in Japan as the best of his year. Soon he had different special missions where he proved, that he had an exceptional talent finding criminals which used modern technology. He had a big dragon tattoo on his right arm, that was meant to show his power, the honour working in his dream job and the luck and success that he hoped having also in the future. As it happens, he also lost his right arm in a portal accident following some criminals fleeing into them. It happened to be, that he also had his arm replaced by a robot arm. As he turned 23, the ODPC, the over world police department in Chicago, made him an offer he could not refuse, and he moved over to the USA.

Weird signs

As for the Chicago disaster, Jim quickly found a trace, where a criminal named Dr. Dreem had been steeling portal technology and lots of equipment from different brain research companies. Jim got trace of that because different sources had been stating that a Dr. Dreem was acting in the district. It was only that nobody had been seeing him, actually. It was very frustrating because none of the weird disappearance was leading to a trace. All traces led to this district, but at some point just disappeared. That was the moment when Jim was searching for other people with experience in strange criminal cases. He asked for help at the OPD Brazil for help, and they came up with the suggestion of Chelsey. He contacted her and Chelsey was truly interested in the case and flew over to Chicago. When Jim and Chelsey met, they had so much in common, they immediately felt good with each other’s company. They were spending many nights together at the office, screening all the evidence Jim had gathered so far and visiting the places all the traces were disappearing.

After two weeks of investigations and going through all evidence over and over again, Jim and Chelsey were sitting in the office of the ODP and were looking at the evidence pinned to the walls. It was already late in the evening and eventually Chelsey spotted a mark on a wall in one of the pictures which triggered a thought.

She explained to John, that on the mission where she lost her arm, that sign was flashing up on the portal that opened. She remembered because that was the last thing right before she passed out when the portal closed and her arm got cut. Jim remembered where the photo has been taken, and they agreed to investigate right the next day.

And there they were walking the backstreets of Chicago down town. The district of Chicago where the strange thing happened was the area called wicker park. It was nearly empty, because all the people were in deep fear, that the same thing could happen to them too. They were walking just below the Chicago elevated and arrived at the California Station. It was one of these old stations which was made of red brick stone, and it was deeply embedded in below the steel bridge where the trains were running above it. Despite that there were no people, there were still a lot of bicycle parked at the station. It was nearly silent here despite the sound of the rattling trains running overhead and the birds were chirping. Jim led Chelsey to the food market on the right, and just in the edge between the station building and the food market the sign was somehow burned into the brick wall. From distance, you barely could see it, and it looked like some dirt on the wall, but from near it had exactly the form of the sign Chelsey was remembering. The looked closer at the wall and the surrounding areas, but it was nothing to see, but the burned in sign on the wall. “Let’s have a coffee at the Cozy Corner, ok?” asked Chelsey as their search was fruitless for another half an hour. “That’s a splendid Idea, let’s dump another fruitless attempt”. They made their way over to the restaurant. As they were walking past the alley right before the restaurant, Chelsey stopped Jim. “Wait a minute, I think I saw something”, said Chelsey, and walked into the alley to the right of the Cozy Corner. It was a run down alley, whereas on the right side, the railroad of the Chicago elevated was placed with a giant fence and on the left side there were these old buildings made of brick stone. The stone was crumbly and old, and the walls had graffiti all over them.

What did you see?” asked Jim, but Chelsey was intensely focused and was walking straight to a door about 100 m from the alley entrance. “There, you see? I was right.”, and she pointed at the sign on the door, which was again the sign placed beside the food store. This time the sign was not burned into the wall, but was somehow oddly hovering over in front of the door. It had a dull red glow on it. It was as if you were looking at the street on a hot day when the air was flickering.

 The door had the shape of a door, but at the same time had the appearance of a brick stone wall. Jim was scanning the wall with his fingers, but there was no handle or gap he could grip in. It was just a stone wall. He was touching the symbol, but his hand just went through with no notable effect. They tried everything, but no success. „Let’s make some photos and go to eat something, I am starving.“ said Jim to Chelsey in his growly voice that he had when something was not running as he thought. It was no wonder, they were investigating at this building and door like for hours. The light was already dimming because the sun has set already. They made the photos, and they made their way to the Cozy Corner.

It was a diner like restaurant, but it was made up like a hut in the mountains. You had wooden floor, black stone walls and when you entered multiple wooden tables were placed at the windows with big black leather benches. Over each table, a dim and warm light has been installed and made each sitting place warm and cozy. On the opposite side of the tables was a huge stone bar with a wooden plate on top. Behind the bar, a big shelf rounded up the modern and cozy feeling by a big wall of shelves with indirect lightning and all kind of special alcohol bottles. They made themselves comfortable at a table and ordered their special Swiss Burgers with Emmentaler cheese, which they always ate when they were here.

As the first hunger was stilled, Chelsey took Jims camera and started to look at the pictures. „What the….“, exclaimed Chelsey, and she was immediately looking around if someone in the restaurant had heard her yelling, but no one was looking. „What’s up?“ asked Jim. „You’re sure you took a photo of the right door? Because there’s not a sign, but some glowing lines inlaid in the middle of the door!“ said Chelsey, very astonished. Jim took the camera from her and swiped through all the photos. He swiped hectic back and forth and his eyes grew wider each moment.

He sat next to Chelsey and showed the first picture they took. Furthermore, he slowly showed her all pictures in sequence and Chelsey’s eyes were wide with astonishment and here chaw dropped open. The pictures were showing an overlay symbol which was materialising by new glowing lines that connected to each other, picture by picture. At each picture, when the lines connected, a red rune was glowing and then disappearing again. As they were done looking through all the pictures, Jin looked at Chelsey, smiled and gently closed her chaw. „What do you think? I never saw something like that“. „Me neither, and besides we looked at everything at the door and saw no such thing. Maybe it’s because of the flash. We should go back and look if we see something more now“, replied Chelsey. Jim agreed, and they gathered their things and went back to the alley with the door. It was already dark outside, and the alley was only dimly lit by a distant old lamp post. Jim took out his flashlight and looked for the door again, with no result. „Turn off the Flashlight, I have an idea“, said Chelsey. Jim turned the light off and Chelsey took out the camera. She looked at the first picture, where the line started, and touched the wall where it seemed to be. Nothing was happening. Out of curiosity, Chelsey used her robot arm and touched the same spot again. A light tingle went through her fingers and flowed into her arm, and a red rune began to shine where her finger had been placed. She immediately withdrew her hand in shock, and the red rune disappeared. „How did you do that?“ asked Jim and looked astonished over to Chelsey. „I don’t know, I just placed my finger where the lines began, and it tickled all the way into my body. Let’s try again“, she said firmly and touched the point again. The tickling through her body was again there, but she let her finger at the point and did not move. The red sign did appear and it stayed there. She instinctively moved her finger along the line which she remembered, and immediately a glowing line was drawn and followed her movement. She stopped at the second rune point and the red rune appeared and stayed there. „Show me the pictures one by one”, she said to Jim, and he flipped through them and held the camera that she could draw the lines and at the same time look at the camera. One by one the runes appeared and after the 7th rune was activated, a deep rumbling could be heard and the big stone door swung open. After the door opened up, a steep stair was visible to them that lead somewhere deep underground.

Cellar of Dreems

The steps that were revealed after the door swung open were running steep underground in a spiral staircase. Jim turned on his flashlight and directed it downwards, but he could see only to the first bend of the big spiral staircase. They also didn’t hear anything from below. „Should we call for reinforcement?“ he asked Chelsey. „I don’t know, maybe we should investigate a little further before we call them to another false alarm. We don’t have many credits at the ODPC right now after we called them multiple times for nothing.“ „You’re right, the last time it was just embarrassing. Then let’s go, girl!“ he said and went ahead down the stairs.

It was a damp cellar and at the concrete walls’ water was slowly tickling down. Where the water ran down, the wall was covered with green algae. The steps were wet too and the algae on the floor made it very slippery. They could move down only slowly, but they walked like twenty minutes, when the stairs ended suddenly and a door was leading to a big cavern.

The cavern was small and empty, and three archways led to dark tunnels. It was quiet apart from the dripping of the water coming down the walls. Chelsey looked at Jim and whispered: „Which tunnel should we take? They look all the same. Or should we split and investigate each one tunnel?“. „That’s a good idea, this way we spare time. But we don’t take any actions if you see something. We meet here after max half an hour, o.k. ?“ asked Jim. Chelsey nodded and replied: „Agreed, same for you Jim, not like last time when you thought you’re Rambo. I take the left one, and you’re taking the right tunnel. Good luck“. With that, they compared watches, set their timers and Jim was handing over Chelsey his backpack and took out the second flashlight. With a wink, she went off down the left tunnel.

Jim watched Chelsey until she disappeared in the tunnel and made his way down the right-hand tunnel and followed it, the tunnel bent left and right until he got to another fork. „Damn“, said Jim to himself, and he looked into each tunnel, but they did not differ from each other but the direction. He decided to mark the cavern with a cross, that he carved with his robot arm into the stone wall, at the tunnel he came from. Done with that, he took the right tunnel down. He had 25 Minutes left on his timer. The right-hand tunnel bent strongly right and went downwards even deeper underground. After another five minutes walk, he came to another citadel with three tunnels. Jim cursed and marked again the wall. He had now 20 Minutes left and no sign of anything. As his flashlight was beaming into the tunnels, he caught at the edge of his vision a dim glow. But when he used the flashlight to see what it was, he could see nothing. „Wtf“, he cursed and eventually switched off his flashlight. After a few seconds, his eyes adapted, and he saw, that each tunnel was glowing dimly in another colour. The left one was yellow, the middle one green and right one red. The source of the light was not visible, it seemed as if the air itself was gleaming. He hesitated going on because he had asked Chelsey to come back when he saw something. But actually, he did not see anything besides the strange glow. „I need to see if there is something more“, he thought to himself. He thought about the runes at the entrance and that each rune was glowing red at the edges. He wondered why there were yellow and green colours, but he decided first to look into the red tunnel. It was not visible where the red tunnel was leading, but the red light was intensifying each step, and soon he could switch off his flashlight because it was brightly lit by the red light. The tunnel was not very long and soon ending in a dead end with a concrete wall at the end. As he walked near the wall, he could make out the same symbol they saw on the door to the cellar. He went closer and was so curious, that he stretched out his robot arm to the symbol and touched the spot Chelsey used first at the entrance door. A tickling went through him, but he resisted the urge to pull back the arm. The first rune sprang into life, and he drew the exact pattern like Chelsey before. When the 7th rune sprang into place, he felt a big tuck at his hand. He tried to pull back his hand, but the force was too strong. The light grew brighter and the symbol and wall began to swirl. He recognised now that some kind of portal was opening. He used all his strength to escape the pulling force, but it was so strong that he was pulled more into the swirling portal. Then with a sudden, junk Jims whole body was pulled into the portal, and he was gone. The portal disappeared and the wall and symbol restored to its previous form.

When Chelsey was heading off to the left tunnel with the attached backpack, she was taking a last glimpse of Jim. She liked him a lot because he was a handsome guy and it was so easy to be with him. They always had something to talk and laugh at. She winked at him and turned into the tunnel. It was a dark and wet tunnel, but it seemed as if the tunnel opened up a little and got drier every step. The more Chelsey was walking deeper into the tunnel, the walls itself were emitting a glow of yellow light. Soon, Chelsey could turn off her flashlight. The tunnel had no other junctions, and it was just straight. After a 10-minute walk, Chelsey came to a dead end and a wall where a symbol was hovering over the wall. Chelsey moved closer and inspected the symbol. It was different from the first one they saw at the entrance, and by touching it no reaction was visible. „That’s interesting“, whispered Chelsey to herself and began investigating the wall. There were no signs of a handle or something else to open the door. Chelsey took a step away, and it crossed her mind what they had done at the entrance. She took out the camera out of the backpack and took seven pictures of the symbols at the door in a rapid sequence. She looked into the display, and again it was showing her the pattern, which seemed to open the door again. She went to the door and began activating the sequence, while the already familiar tickle in her arm was happening. The moment she touched the 7th symbol they turned into a small bright yellow moving circle and as it grew larger and larger, Chelsey got pulled into the portal. „Oh my gooood“, she yelled out in surprise and with a thud, she was pulled through, and the portal disappeared again.

Chelsey felt like it pulled her apart, as the portal pulled her further into whatever it was. But as fast as it began, the sudden it ended and Chelsey landed hard on the floor of a concrete floor. She landed so hard, that she was nocked out temporarily. When she woke up, she shook her head and the first thing was, to look at her watch. She has been unconscious for over 3 hours. „That’s impossible“, she exclaimed. „So the pretty lady woke up, ey?“ a voice from the back of the room said. Chelsey immediately was doing a Judo roll backwards and was landing on her feet crouching with the fists ready to fight. „Who is there!“ she demanded and tried to see who spoke. But the room was too dark to see something. „A curious lady you are, aren‘t you. Never saw someone like you before“, the voice said, and he had to cough heavily. With the hard cough, she heard something like rattling chains, but why should there be a shackled person in this cellar, she asked herself. „Who are you, Chelsey demanded again and moved slowly forward to see more of the person who spoke. As she slowly moved forward, she took in the room entirely. She was in a cellar, and it stretched out from her place to the other end of the room. On her left a big table was placed with lots of equipment on it. Lots of machined and bottles and hardware was scattered around an object, not a lot bigger than an apple. It was like multiple rings were hovering over each other, and the same time were glued with a yellow mist that moved around the rings. She was staring so hard at the object, that she completely forgot the person in the back. „She is a beauty isn‘t she? A masterpiece of engineering, the voice croaked hoarsely. She jumped at the voice and took again the fighting pose. The voice laughed hard and immediately had to cough again. She said in the direction of the voice „don’t do anything foolish, I can fight“, and moved slowly over to the origin of the voice. „I bet you can“, it said and chuckled. As she moved more to the corner, she recognised a shadow in the corner at the far end of the room. It was a very little person, but somehow square in shape. When she was standing near enough she could see, that it was not really a person, he looked like a very muscular adult with a huuuge beard, but tiny. She was standing there gaping at him. „Never seen someone like me neither, have you young lady? Now come on, don’t just stand there and stare at me like I am a bloody ghost. Come here and free me of these damn shackles“, he said, and he showed his wrists, where broad steel shackles were attached and connected with a chain to the floor. Chelsey was not sure what she should do. She never saw something like that thing, and on the other side, he did not look dangerous at all. He had kind eyes, a tanned and wrinkled face and the beard was perfectly groomed. As she was thinking and staring at him, suddenly he called out „watch out, behind you!“. When she turned, she could see a man who had a head of a wild boar with giant tusks, and he had already swung back his big axe and was swinging at here already. Thanks to the callout of the prisoner, she could roll left to the boar man, and the axe hit hard on the floor where she had been standing. But the boar was quick and pushed back at her with the handle end and hit her square in the face. She stumbled back and nearly fell backwards to the floor. At that moment, the boar man just flung back his axe to make another attempt to split her in half. Instead of dodging, Chelsey rushed forward and as soon as he began to hit with his axe, she let her fall and slid with her feet forward beneath his legs. She hit him hard in the nuts while she was sliding and quickly got up behind him. At the top of the boar man, it seemed as if a number was showing shortly after she hit the boar, but that was impossible and Chelsey shook the head to clear her mind. She stood up, got his head from behind in her robot arm and pressed hard. The boar man gasped and because the pressure was so high he let fall the axe and tried to pull away the arm. But Chelsey’s grip was too strong. „Who sent you here and what are you!“ Chelsey shouted. The boar just gasped and tried harder to get out of the grip. Chelsey fastened her grip a little more and shouted: „What ate you doing here and why are you holding that man here!“. The boar was whining and in a high-pitched voice he shouted: „you will never stop us from getting all the keys“. And just as he said that he shuddered, and his whole body just transformed in a million of glowing particles, that flew up and disappeared. „What the fuck was that!“ Chelsey exclaimed and did not believe her eyes. „This, my young lady, was a Boarsal, they have been sworn their lives to Dr. Dreem and the big purpose of uniting the Dreams“, the little man said. „Now come on, help me out of these shackles because there are coming more of the Boarsals”. Chelsey had a million questions, but the little man just saved her life, and she believed him of the immediate danger of having more company. She went over to the little man and pulled at the shackles, but they tightly hefted at the man’s wrists. „Go over to that table and look for a yellow glowing orb. Take it and bring it to me, please“. The man said. He said please, that can only be good, she thought to herself and went over to the table. There

It was, still lying on the table, and it was glowing in a yellowish warm colour. Because of the danger ahead she grapped it and a warm and comfort feeling was going through her and all the nervousness washed away, and her senses were very sharp and clear. She went back to the man and placed the object into his right hand. As soon as she did this, the shackles transformed into tiny glowing particles, that disappeared after a short while. Chelsey backed away a little as he stood up. He looked at her with his wrinkled face, and he smiled. „Thank you very much, I owe you my life and. I am Fafnir, a dwarf from the platform builder guild. And what’s your name?“ the dwarf asked. ”I am Chelsey and what on earth is a platform builder?„ “I will tell you everything later. Now let’s go back and find a way out. Others may already have detected my device and sensed that I am free again.“, said Fafnir, and walked to the portal. Without looking, he went through and instantly disappeared. Chelsey was hesitant, should she really follow the dwarf, or should she just stay and await their pursuers. If the dwarf told the truth, it might soon overrun this room. This in mind she walked towards the portal and as soon as she was near enough the portal pulled her through.

As of this time, she was more familiar with the sensation, and she just landed on her foot and knee with her right hand flat on the ground. She looked up, saw the Dwarf grinning. „I see you make progress“, he said and snickered. The dwarf looked so funny and cute at that specific moment, so that Chelsey just had to grin herself. „Now as we are out, I need your help to find my partner.“, said Chelsey. „Sure. What happened to him?”? Chelsey explained what happened, and the Dwarf listened with bright interest. As Chelsey finished her story, the Dwarf made a grave face and was deep within thoughts. Eventually, he looked Chelsey straight into the face and said: “I will help your partner as I am deep in your debt, but the way your partner was following leads into the central cavern of the cellar of dreems. The evil Dr. Dreem and his helpers operate from there, and the cavern might be full of Boarsals and traps. We need to be careful”. They traversed the tunnel Chelsey came from, and they emerged shortly after in the cavern with the three different tunnels. Chelsey realised, that the glowing object she gave earlier to Fafnir was attached to the glove of him, and it was emanating a faint glow that illuminated the whole cavern. „What is that object“, asked Chelsey and pointed to on the device. ”That is complicated to explain, but to keep it simple for now, it is an essence bender, and it has been built centuries ago by our ancient Platform builder elders. It bends the essence that is part of everything. It is only a small device, so the bending is only possible on small objects, like the shackles earlier“, replied Fafnir. Chelsey looked puzzled and said: ”I never heard of something like essence, let alone the effects I saw. Where is that essence coming from?“ asked Chelsey. ”It is difficult to explain, neither it is the time to do it, we have to hurry if we want to get to your friend. I promise I will explain later. Come on now.“, Fafnir said and hurried down the tunnel where Jim was going, last seen by Chelsey. She shook off her confusion and went after the dwarf.

Shortly after, they arrived at the dead end with the yellow glow and symbols on the wall. Fafnir looked at her and said with a serious face: “this is the entrance to the central cavern of the cellar of dreems, and I can’t say who is in this room or how many Boarsals or helpers we might find. You must stay conscious after the traversal to the room. Maybe we have immediately to fight”. Chelsey nodded gravely and drew her weapon out of her holster. Seeing this, Fafnir laughed out loud and said: “this one will not do any damage at all in this room we’re going to. Take this one”. Saying this, a one-handed weapon appeared magically in his hand. The weapon was shaped like a .44 Magnum gun, but the drum and the barrel glowed in the same light as the essence bender object. “What on earth, how did you do that?” Chelsey called out, and her jaw just dropped, and she stared at Fafnir with an open mouth. Fafnir smiled again and said: „I have an inventory where I can store these items, but we don’t have time to look at that right now. The gun has two modes, one is a stunner mode and the other one is a damage mode. The stunner mode will lock your target in an electrical stasis field for 20 seconds and makes it paralysed. The damage mode shoots out a blast that makes damage on your target. You can change the mode at this button on the gun barrel, you reach it easily with your index finger.“ Chelsey closed her mouth, took the weapon out of Fafnirs hand and inspected it. The gun was very light and was fitting very well in her hand. She tried the button and each time she pressed it, it changes colour from yellow to blue and vice versa. She set the mode to blue, aimed at Fafnir, and before he could say something, she pressed the trigger. A lightning beam left the gun and hit Fafnir square in the face. He immediately froze with an astonished face and outstretched hand. It looked so funny, that Chelsey laughed out loudly and couldn’t stop until the stasis ended after 20 seconds. As Fafnir was released from the stun, he exclaimed: „That was not funny at all young lady.“ „Yeah sorry, I could not resist“. Fafnir watched her suspiciously and suddenly pulled a gun triple the size of hers. Chelsey immediately took a surprised back-step and watched him with wide open eyes. „Don’t worry, I don’t take revenge. This is basically the same gun as yours with the difference, that I can selectively choose three targets that get attacked at the same time. But let’s go now, we wasted enough time. Follow me straight after I entered the portal and stay on your feet. You’re ready?“ asked Fafnir and Chelsey nods. Fafnir turned and held up his essence bender to the symbols. The portal immediately opened up and Fafnir stepped through. Chelsey did not hesitate to followed him immediately through. The portal snapped close right after both of em were through.

The Trap

When Chelsey dropped out of the portal, she held herself upright with bent knees despite the great force when she hit the ground. Her vision was blurred, and it took her a few seconds to regain her sight. „Come here, quickly“, Fafnir whispered. He crouched at the base of a small wall. She quickly moved over to him and crouched down. As she did, Chelsey took in for the first time the impression of the room. It was a huge circular room all covered in some metallic-white materials. In the middle of the room was a spiral-formed pillar that was spread out at the top and at the bottom. At the outside of the room were seven small domes placed with transparent chambers with some strange devices in it. The whole ceiling of the room glowed in an eerily green light, and so did the pillar in the middle. It seemed as if there was some living being in the middle of the pillar that moved and lashed out from time to time with streaks of green light. It looked like the picture of the sun she had seen lately on National Geographic. The small domes in the room each glowed with another colour. The colours were Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Despite all the different colours in the room, it appeared to be illuminated with a white light. The entire room was humming with busy life of all kinds of „things“. There were three Boarsals at the middle of the room with guns that looked like her own. It seemed they were protecting the other beings and the room. Besides the Boarsals, there were only small creatures with hooked noses and long ears that all wore white doctor coats. They hurried between the different domes with all kind of special gear. Fafnir was leaning to her and whispered: „There is your friend, see?“, and he pointed to the far side of the room where Jim was tied at a big surgical table, and he was surrounded by that same green light like the pillar. „These bastards“, Chelsey hissed silently, and her hands tightened into fists, and she trembled slightly. „You know, besides the Boarsals, these are all Goblin Scientists in this room. They have special traits in creating magical constructs as nobody else has. But it’s fortune to us that their kind are no fighters at all, and they will flee at the slightest sign of danger. I am not sure what they are doing, but we should act as there are so few Boarsals around.“, Fafnir whispered. „So, what is the plan?“ Chelsey asked. „As the three of them are only minor Boarsals, I will blow them to dust, and you stun one of the Goblins. We need to find out what they are doing here. We go on zero“, Fafnir said, and he was beginning to count from three downwards. Chelsey saw that he used the buttons on the gun to target each of the Boarsals. As he counted zero, he stood up and shot at the Boarsals. Big yellow spheres spiralled out of the gun and hit the three of them.

On each of them a big bar showed, like a loading bar, and big numbers were flowing up like in the dance game arcades.

One of the Boarsals bar had been emptied immediately, and he dissolved into particles, like the one Chelsey killed before. The other two had only a small fill in the bar left and were coming after Fafnir and Chelsey. They took cover as the boarsals started shooting, and Fafnir shouted to Chelsey: „Move to the other side and stun one of the Goblins before all are gone“. Fafnir got up and took a shoot at one of the Boarsals, and at the same time Chelsey rolled over to the other side. The whole room was in uproar and all the Goblins were running to what seemed the exit at the far end of the room. Chelsey took aim and shot a yellow sphere at one of the Goblins. The same bar and numbers showed up, and the Goblin turned immediately to particles. „You need to stun them and not kill them!“ shouted Fafnir. „Shit, sorry Mr. Goblin“, Chelsey shouted and pressed the button for mode change on her gun. Fortunate, one Goblin was very shocked and hesitated by seeing what happened to one of his co-workers. Chelsey took that opportunity, aimed and pressed the trigger. A lightning bolt left her weapon and hit the goblin. As soon as it hit the Goblin, it covered the creature to the full extent, all, and a number showed 20 appeared on his head counting down. Chelsey was just perplexed, but did not have time to wonder. By the time Chelsey had needed to accidentally kill and stun one goblin, Fafnir had killed all three Boarsals. He went over to them and after a few seconds their bodies just disappeared. Chelsey just stood there and was stunned herself. She couldn’t even speak. Fafnir saw her expression, smiled and said: “Come on girl, I will explain everything later. Let’s rescue your friend. But first, let’s shackle this Goblin.” He went over to the Goblin and put another golden orb beneath him. As soon as the counter hit 0, his hands and feet were bound together, as were Fafnirs when Chelsey first found him. Chelsey ran over to Jim and saw that he still was unconscious. She shacked him and he slowly opened his eyes. „Chelsey? I am so tired and beaten up. They tortured me, but I could not answer anything they asked me. Where are the little bastards anyway?“. Chelsey told him about finding Fafnir and killing the Boarsals and how they both got here. Fafnir was joining them and with his essence bender, the golden glowing object, he dissolved Jacks shackles. ”Now as your friend is free, let’s talk to this nasty bugger and find out what they did“, Fafnir said. ”By the way I am Fafnir, nice to meet you“. He held the outstretched hand in the direction of Jim. Jim took the big rough hand and shook it. ”I am Jim, thank you so much for rescuing me from these little beasts.“ Fafnir went over to the Goblin and said: ”Tell me what you were doing here, and I let you live“. The Goblin was whispering something that nobody understood. Fafnir gave him a kick and said” Speak louder you lousy Goblin“. Chelsey and Jim were also coming nearer to the Goblin to overhear the conversation. The Goblin gave out a horrible high-pitched laugh and cried: ”Never ever saying something over the lord of dreams and his mighty plans. I do die rather than say. Arrgghh ha ha ha ha. You will feel wrath so soon, you lot“. It was Fafnir whose interest lightened up by the things the Goblin told, and he tried to get out more of him. ”What is Dr. Dreem doing with all of those things, tell me“, he demanded and slapped the Goblin square in the Face. ”Never tell you thing. You all be trapped soon, hi hi hi“. He giggled and as he did, he was biting on something he had long since in his mouth. Fafnir wanted to call out, but it was too late. The Goblin had sacrificed himself and he exploded. But instead of all blowing up, they were all held in stasis. A green light was completely wrapping around each of them and made it impossible to move. They could look but not move anything else. Soon after they got immobilised, the door of on the other side of the room opened, and a hooded figure came into the room. He was two heads bigger than Jim and had two horns coming out of the hood in front. His arms were very long and ended in claw like fingers. With him, all the small Goblin scientists were streaming with him into the room and were standing in front of their domes, looking at the hooded figure. When he stepped in front of the three, he lifted the hood, and they could see a face that was made of wood like a treant face. His snake eyes glowed in the same green as their shackles and the pillar in the middle. It was as if the devil himself had manifested as a tree and looked at them. “Now look at what we got, two Nomags and a builder. Thought so, that the Nomags were not smart enough to see my trap, but you master of the platform builders? I expected more from you. But enough exchanges of niceties, let’s come to business”. He turned around, facing the Goblins waiting in front of the little domes. Each of the Goblin Scientist’s had an orb in his hands that glowed in a different colour. There were exactly seven colours which were Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. The wood devil looked at them, raised his arms and shouted: “Let’s begin, my little humble servants!”. “Yes grand master Dr. Dreem”, they shouted in unison, turned and placed their orb each in the apparatus in the little domes. As soon as all the orbs were in place, streams of living and pulsing liquid in each colour were running up through the wall. It was originating from each of the little domes and flowing to the middle of the room and came together in the pillar in the middle. They mixed up to pure white, and it was glowing brighter each pulse the liquid gave. The Goblins were bending over as if the life force had been sucked slowly out of them. Dr. Dreem chanted a spell over and over again, while the Goblins were dying slowly as the last bit of life had been sucked out of them. The spell was hammering into their mind:

“Purest white, take on these minds,
no sleep they’ll have when it binds.
Only out they will never find,
unless right keys combined“.

Chelsey, Jim, and Fafnir were melting away into the pure white as it filled the whole room.


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