Multiplayer , DEV HUD and LoginManager

The second part of the Multiplayer Character Controller inlcudes a mulitplayer playground and an easy to use DevHUD for Editor and Runtime.

Download the Asset on Unity Asset Store:

A Multiplayer Environment, based on Netcode for GameObjects, is setup to use at ease. The CharacterController has been enabled to run in a multi- and single Player environent. Weapon spawning and pickup, Shooting, Swimming, Stepping on moving objects and many more is now possible together with other players.

Visit the Nonon Zone Multiplayer Blog for Documentation of the component.

  • Developer HUD for convenient developing and testing. Load whichever scene you want in whatever mode
  • LoginManager which takes in the command line arguments to start a game without dev hud and in the right mode (Server or Client)
  • Support for traversing between multiple servers (scenes)
  • Working Sample Implementation of the Relay Server
  • Already Setup Networkmanager Prefabs to test the scenes
  • A NetworkObject Spawnmanager
  • All Elements on the CharacterController V2.0.0 or higher are able to run in Multiplayer Environments

You can download a Demo here: Nonon Zone Multiplayer DevHUD Demo (not code signed)

The NononZone Multiplayer Character Controller has been enhanced and contains now a spectator mode. You can switch between different Network Objects and look what they do. You don’t even have to switch yourself. Auto mode switching is yours if you don’t want to click! Orbit around them and even detach from them and fly around freely. This enhancement is fun and very useful.

The Spectator View has the following functionality:

  • Available object list
  • – List of all available objects and switch directly to an object out of the list
  • – Mark Favorites, that are always on top of the list
  • – Exclude/Include objects from auto/manual switch
  • – Search for specific objects in List
  • – Set First Person View or Orbit View for objects in List
  • Home Object– Mark your object as a home object and switch directly to the object
  • Ghost Mode – Disable Colliders and move through all objects in the scene, no boundaries anymore
  • Fixed Height – Lock your height defined m above terrain layer and just move on the x- and z-Axis
  • First Person Cam – Move from orbit mode to first person view of the object attached to
  • Search: Search Field functionality in code changed to Search Only Functionality
  • Random Duration: Random Value for AutoSwitch Mode – The duration on the object is randomized between a min and max
  • Keybinds: Keybinding FirstPerson/ThirdPerson(C), ghost mode (G), height Lock (F)
  • Idle Timer: After a predefined in Idle State at FreeMove do a switch back to Auto Switch mode and move to the next target