Free Multiplayer DEV HUD Asset

Get Started

The Nonon Zone Multiplayer DevHUD speeds up your development with Untiy Netcode for GameObjects. It’s UI lets you start a server, client or host and that multiple times. You can even choose as a client which character to launch.

The fully implemented abilites are:

  • Start a server, client or host
  • Choose which scene to launch
  • Choose the PlayerPrefab to instantiate by the server

Create a new Unity Project

Create a complete new Unity Project with a name like “MyCrazyCoolProject” and open it up. Or just use an existing one 😉

Download the asset

Download and import the Asset from Asset Store

Nonon Zone Multiplayer DevHUD | Game Toolkits | Unity Asset Store

Import everything from the package

Set the main scene and build

Navigate in the Project to the Folder “NononMultiplayerDevHUD/Scenes” and open up the MainScene

Open up the build settings… File –> Build Settings…

.. and add the current scene to it

Then Choose “Build Settings…” and set the “Fullscreen Mode” to “Windowed” and tick the “Resizable Window” box.

Close the settings screen.

Choose “Build” and create a folder where your build is.

Open the server and start your client

After the build the explorer will open up and show you the built files

Double click on the exe thats named like your project.

In the window just click “START”

This is the server and it has been started.

Double click again on the exe and Choose “CLIENT” from the top most drop down.

Click “START”

Start a second client your client

Double click again on the exe and Choose “CLIENT” from the top most drop down.

Choose “PlayerMockup2” from the third drop down

Click “START”

You’re ready to go 🙂