Fully customizable game components and enhanceable Zones

Nonon Zone Customizable Zones
All Elements in Nonon Zone are available as downloadable Components in the unity asset store. By using all the components you can create your own Nonon Zone. Each component comes with a NononZone Menu to easily setup your scenes.

You find here the customizable Packages….

Extendable Character Controller (WOW like)

Extendable Character Controller Multiplayer Ready.

Multiplayer with DeveloperHUD

Multiplayer with DevHUD, LoginManager and SpawnManager

Fully functional Inventory

A fully function inventory System implemented with Scriptable Objects. Lot’s of functionality implemented: Equip Single, Equip on different slots, Unequip, Destroy, Use, Use selected, Split and Restack.

Free Multiplayer DevHUD

The Nonon Zone Multiplayer DevHUD speeds up your development with Untiy Netcode for GameObjects. It’s UI lets you start a server, client or host and that multiple times. You can even choose as a client which character to launch.

The fully implemented abilites are:

  • Start a server, client or host
  • Choose which scene to launch
  • Choose the PlayerPrefab to instantiate by the server

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