Extendable Character Controller (WOW like)

One part of the Multiplayer and Character Controller is a signle player Playground and different Elements to start your game.

Download the Asset on Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/223735

You’ll find all the docs in the blog section: CharacterController – NoNoN Zone

Or watch the video on youtube

  • Easy Setup a new Scene by the Nonon Zone Menu with a base Gamecontroller, ui, CharacterController and a Zone portal
  • Just add the player into a finished scene and explore
  • Add Elements to your scene with a mouse click and make em move
  • The CharacterController is able to do the following
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Strive
    • Jump (long or short)
    • Draw 2H Ranged Weapon
    • Aim and shoot
    • Falling Dmg and Self-Heal
    • Fly
    • Swim
  • The following elements can be added by menu
    • Player
    • Enemy
    • Portal Pair
    • Zone Portal
    • Plattforms
    • Water
    • Hitbox Collider
    • Health Bar
    • Loot Bubble
    • Customer Info Panel
  • Change Zone
    • The character and all its elements is preserved when changing zone
  • Character Rigging
    • Exchange your character with another model
    • Define the new bones and add IK Bone Elements to it by menu