1st steps Singleplayer

CharacterController Version 5.0.0 and higher

Download and install the Character Controller Asset from Unity Asset Store:


  • Open the scene you want to add the player to
  • Choose Tools –> Nonon Zone –> Single Player Nonon Zone Editor

This will open the NononZone Editor. The prefabs from the asset are already selected.

  • Create a floor. Best is to create a 3D Terrain. But a Plane is good too.
  • In the Nonon Zone Editor now just click on Every “Add to Scene Button”
  • All the components will be added to the scene
    • SPAWN_POINT: Point where the player will initially spawn
    • NononZoneController: This component spawns the player
    • RESPAW_POINT & NononZONEController UI: This is a small UI to respawn the player when he dies.
    • PrefabDirectory: A list of all Prefabs that will be used in the scene later on
  • That’s all – Start the scene and have fun!

Add some loot

Now that your player is in the scene and can run, jump etc. you might want to add some loot that the player can pickup.

  • Open up the single player Nonon Zone Editor window: Choose Tools –> Nonon Zone –> Single Player Nonon Zone Editor
  • Select the “Elements” tab at the top of the editor

Here are some elements listed, that are located in the prefab folder. Here you will see some loot prefabs.

  • Just add the swords and SciFi Weapons to the scene by clicking on “Add to Scene” on the right side of the entry. It will add the item where your camera is facing.
  • Hit play, pickup the weapons and fight 🙂


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