The Inventory is fully implemented with Scriptable Objects and has the following functionality

  • Looting and adding to inventory
  • Different inventories for each item category
  • Item Attribute Display
  • Usage with mouse (inlcuding drag & drop) and controller
  • Equip Items
  • Equip Items on multiple slots for same item type
  • Equip Items only on allowed slots
  • Allowed Slots placeholder display
  • Uneqip Items
  • Swapping items
  • Equip, Unequip and Swapping with mouse
  • Automatic swap of inventory category when mouse over slots
  • Destroy the item with confirmation dialog
  • Drop the item with confirmation dialog
  • Fast Controller movement of menus with RT/RB, LT/RT
  • Use Items (only one)
  • Use selected Items
  • Split and Restack Items
  • Special Currencies display (based on currency inventory)
  • Item comparison with equipped items
  • Player Attributes display
  • Check for attribute requirements
  • Inventory Events to trigger equipment changes and consumable usage
  • Load and Save Inventories
  • Fully multiplayer enabled
    • Load Save the inventory on connect
    • Equip/Unequip Gear fully synced
    • Drop and Pickup Loot between players
    • Equip/Unequip Weapons

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