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With replacing the model of the player, it can happen that the positions of your weapons are not correct. In this blog I’ll explain how to fix this. Can be useful too if u decide to attach some crazy weapon.

Prepare the scene for convenience

Normally you need to pickup weapons first to rig them. That we don’t need to run to the place where the weapons are, we place the two weapons righ underneath the spawn point.

Open the Scene “PlaygroundStartZone” in the NononCharController Scenes.

Then expand the CheetaHouse Element in the hierarchy. Duplicate (CTRL-D) the “LootBubbleBlue” and “LootBubbleRed” and move them under the “PLAYER_SPAWN_POINT” element.

Keep both of em selected and go to the inspector. There under Transform select “Reset”. This will reset the loot bubbles right at the Spawn Point.

That we can work at the prefab you also need to add the player to the scene. Go to the folder “Assets –> NononCharController –> Player –> prefab” and drag the “PlayerPrefab” below the “PLAYER_SPAWN_POINT”.

Now hit play and your character will immediately attach both weapons.

Correct the weapon holders

As you can see in the picture the weapons have a weird position at the character. We fix that now.

With the preparations we have now the PlayerPrefab in the Scene. Expand the prefab, that you can see all the Holder elements.

Hit play and change to the Scene view. We now select first the Element “WPN_HOLDER_2HRIGHT”. You can now move and rotate the element until the weapon is correctly positioned.

If positioned correctly, while “WPN_HOLDER_2HRIGHT” selected, choose “Copy Component” on the Transform element in the inspector. Then stop the play mode.

If you stop, the selection is still active and you just need to paste the values to the element.

Then apply everything to the prefab.

Do the same for the “WPN_HOLDER_2HLEFT”. After doing that your character should have the weapons correctly placed behind his back.

Correct the weapon pose

When drawing the weapon it sill doesn’t look correct, so we need to correct that position too.

To do that we need to arrange the WPN_POSE_RIG. Hit play, and press CTRL to draw the weapon.

Then set the weight on the Multi-Position Constraint to 0. Otherwise you can’t move the object. Now you can positon and rotate the “WEAPON_POSE” element. Afterwards copy the Transform component, paste it and apply it to the prefab.

Afterwards set the weight again to 1 and adjust the Offset on the Multi-Position constraint.

Then do the copy, paste, apply thing again for this component. (three points on Multi-Position Constraint).

Now the weapon should look nice when drawn.

Correct aiming

As we use 1 to shoot, you can see that it holds the weapon at his stomach instead of his shoulder. To correct the aiming position, we can set an option, that we can manually set the aiming positon. Otherwise we would need to press 1 all the time.

Click on the PlayerPrefab. In the Inspector, there is a checkbox named “Manual Rigging” on the “PlayerRigging” Component. Check that box.

Hit play and CTRL to draw the weapon. Then navigate to the “WEAPON_AIM_RIG” and set the weight manually to 1. You see, that the aiming position is kept.

Then you can adjust the “WEAPON_AIM_POSE” component to adjust the aiming. In this case the Offset just needed correction.

Before stopping. Copy the component

Paste the new values after stopping play mode

and apply it to the prefab.

On The player prefab uncheck the “Manual Rigging” Box and try it out. The Rigging is corrected.


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