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Menu Entries: Tools –> NononZone –> Player –> Rig

The CharacterController can be replaced by your own models. As the character is created with the Rigging Package and IK Bones you need a special sequence for that.

Download a new model

Take your own model or download something from the asset store. For demonstration purpose I use the Humanoid Avatar Rig Free.

Download and Import everything.

Replace the player model with the new one

Navigate in the project to the Player prefab folder

Double cklick on the Player Prefab. It opens the prefab. The robot is the model for the player.

Delete the robot from the Hierarchy.

Select the PlayerPrefab element in the hierarchy.

Select “Tools –> Nonon Zone –> Player –> Rig –> Import Player Prefab or FBX (incl. Weapon Rigging). This will try to import the whole character and add all riggings.

Choose the “HumanoirdBotAvatar_04.prefab” or a prefab or fbx of your own. Can also be ouside of the AssetFolder (it will be copied). Presse “Save” when asked.

Now the avatar model has been replaced, but the IK bones are not correctly set with a high probability. The bones always are named differently by the creators.

Expand all the nodes (right mouse click –> select children) in the new prefab in the hierarchy and select afterwards the PlayerPrefab node again.

In the inspector scroll down to the “Player Rigging Model” Section and expand all Rig Model Entries.

Now move the bones from the new model to the Rig Model Transform fields. Make sure the Armature Bone is the Prefab right under PlayerPrefab.

Then you need to store the information and transfer the names from the RigModelTransform to the RigModelName. I have an Editor Action created for that. Choose “Tools –> NononZone –> Player –> Rig –> Store Bones”.

This has now transfered the names. If you reimport the same model or another with the same bone names, you don’t need to do this mapping step again.

Now we have to add the rigging elements to the bones. Choose “Tools –> Nonon Zone –> Player –> Rig –> Add Weapon Rigs”

You will notice that different new elements have been added to the prefab.

Also on the PlayerPrefab all the Rigging parts have been filled.

Now in this particular case you need to deactivate the animator part on the prefab that has already been setup. Navigate to the imported prefab folder and select the prefab.

then deselect the Animator

There you are.. the model has been replaced.

If weapons are not correctly shown look into the next blog entry.


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