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Menu Entry: Tools –> NononZone –> SinglePlayer –> Simple Elements –> Add Enemy

This Action let’s you add a simple enemy to your scene. The enemy will follow you when at some distance and if you outrun him, he will go at the point where he began to chase you.

Go in your editor at the place where you want to place your enemy.

Bake you Navmesh

Go to your Navigation tab. If not Visible choose “Window –> AI –> Navigation”. Choose the Bake Tab and press “Bake”. This just works

The enemys use the Navmesh to know what is walkable and what not. And other stuff of course 😉

If you want to create a Navmesh on an object you have to make sure that it’s marked “Static” in the inspector. Otherwise it will not bake

Add your enemy

Choose “Tools –> Nonon Zone –> SinglePlayer –> Simple Elements –> Add Enemy”

Hit Play and look how he rolls the eyes when he is aggro 😉


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