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Menu Entry: Tools –> Nonon Zone –> SinglePlayer –> Zone –> Add Player

This this action you can add a player to any scene and it will setup for you the player, the gamer controller with game events and a Spawn point. The Controller takes care of all Game Events and of the spawning of the player.

Download and Setup a nice scene

Download a nice landscape like Fantasy landscape from unity store and import everything. Or just create one yourself 🙂

In the case of the Fantasy Landscape (Thanks pxltiger for this nice piece of work), navigate to the Folder “Assets –> FantasyEnvironments –> Environments –> Scenes” and open the scene “DemoScene”.

Add the Player

Navigate to a nice place in the scene and Choose “Tools –> Nonon Zone –> SinglePlayer –> Zone –> Add Player”

This will add the PlayerPrefab, a GameController and a PlayerSpawn Point to your scene.

Now remove the default Camera from your scene, because the Player has already one inside.

If you hit Play you’re ready to discover the Zone

You can remove the PlayerPrefab also from the scene if you like, because the controller takes care of the instantiation and if you want to link it with other scenes there should be not two players around.


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