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Download from Unity Asset Store

Download the package from the Unity Asset Store and import everything.

Nonon Zone Multiplayer Character Controller and Playground

Check if you have some errors in the Console, but you should not. If you have error check if the packages described above are installed. That’s it. Now your project is setup and your playground ready to explore.

In the Project navigate to “Assets –> NononCharController –> Scenes” and open Scene “PlaygroundStartZone”. Hit Start and play the game. Remember.. have fun 🙂

If you open up the scene the first time, it might be that this message appears

Just click “Import TMP Essentials” and close the window.

Register Portals in Build Settings

To use the portals in the Playground register them in the Build setting “File –> Build Settings”. Open up every scene and add it to the list.

Now the portals are ready for you to use

Set the correct Lighting

For the scene transfer you need to set the lighting setting correctly. Choose “Window –> Rendering –> Lighting” and set the Nonon Zone Lighting Setting.

Set the correct Fog Modes

To enable the correct display of the fog you need to set Fog Modes to Custom.

Goto “Edit –> Project Settings –> Graphics”. Scroll down to “Shader Stripping” and set the Fog Modes to “Custom”.


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