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When the CharacterController Component ist installed you get Runtime and Editor Scripts, prefabs and materials. In this post you see what’s the content


In the project you get the following folders:

Editor: All the editor functionality accessable by the “Nonon Zone” menu
Scripts: All runtime classes for the CharacterController and Playground
Documentation: A small manual with the package content


In the Editor folder you’ll find all scripts which are used in the editor:

NoNoNZoneEditorElements: Placing Simple Elements into your scene. Menu NononZone –>Simple Elements
NoNoNZoneEditorPlayer: All Player and Zone related actions. Menu NononZone –> Player and NononZone –> Zone

NononZoneLeakDetectionControl: Lets Enable or Disable the Debug messages for Memory Leak Detection. Menu NononZone –> Jobs


In this folder you’ll find all runtime assets for the PlayerController and it’s playground.

Most important thing is the Prefabs/Player folder. There you’ll find the PlayerPrefab where all the scripts are attached to.

Scenes: One main Scene, the PlayerControllerPlayground, and two Scenes only with a portal. You can start at one and travers to the others by the portal.
Prefabs/Camera: Scripts for the Camera Movement
Prefabs/SimpleElements/Cube: Simple Cube prefab to demonstrate adding NononZoneObject and Dissolve Effect to object let’s you destroy it (if you have the GameEvents in Scene)

Prefabs/CustomerInfo: Simple Board with a script with information scrolling in. It’s implemented completely with Localization.

Prefab/DmgHealthText: Component which shows Health or Dmg Text popping up.

Prefab/Effects: Different Effects for weapon trails, dissolve and appear, coin flow

Prefabs/Enemy: Simple Enemy Prefab with three different behavior scripts and a controller.

Prefab/HealthBar: Simple Healthbar and scripts
Prefab/HitBoxController: A box collider which already sends out GameEvents for which you can register then
Images: All images used
Prefab/Loot: Simple Loot Bubble. This Object is tagged as a NononZoneObject of type LOOT. The object inside will be picked up by the player (Thruster and Weapon in this Playground).

Materials: All Materials used
Prefab/SimpleElements/Plattforms: Simple Plattforms with move scripts on them. Like moving left to right or up and down. Down on contact and up without etc.

Prefabs/Portal: Here you’ll find prefab and script for two different type of portals. Zone Portals, which load a new Scene when entering or simple portals which port you to another one in the scene.

Prefabs/Terrain: All the terrain files
TextMeshPro: Used for TextMesh Texts in scene
Prefabs/Water: For demonstration purposes a unity asset for water. A simple collider with a NononZoneObject and tagged as Water let’s your character swim
Prefabs/Weapons: Weapon scripts and prefabs

Prefabs/ZoneController: Special Controller for the mini game in the playground

Blender Models

As Unity does not allow to upload the Blender Models. You can download them from here. Edit em and export the FBX back into the project or use the Nonon Zone Menu.



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