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NononZone Customizable

Be a customizer of the NoNoN Zone yourself and implement your custome zone. Read more….

Nonon Zone Fun

Go in and be curious. In each zone you’ll experience a new world. Try out each zone for free. Read more…

Nonon Zone Commercial

Sell your surfaces and have your reward from your own customizable zone. Coming Soon

About Nonon Zone

No NON meaning you’re getting no sleep discovering the never ending online. Inspired by Deep.

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Component Documentation

Inventory #5 – Multiplayer Inventory

Multiplayer Functionality The Inventory has been enhanced by Multiplayer Functionality First steps to make it running: Open the scene “InventMultiplayerPlayground” Goto File–>Build Settings and click “Add Open Scene”. This will ad the scene to your Read more…

Multiplayer DevHUD Changelog

Version 1.0.2 Added functionality Upgrade to Unity Version 2021.3.10f1 Provision of Utility class NetworkString Bugfixes Fixed: Positioning Bug at spawn time. Only when the movement were initiated, the character moved to its position. Position needs Read more…